DTU Polytechnic

The DTU Polytechnic

On September 19th 2011, the Directorate of Vocational Education of the Ministry of Labor-Invalids & Social Affairs authorized DTU to offer Associate Bachelor’s degree programs in Hotel Management, IT and Corporate Accounting.
The DTU Polytechnic has developed an excellent full-time training program for high school graduates. Students spend 70% of their time at school doing practical work and become adept in specialized topics and professional skills, with 80% of graduates finding jobs.
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Lecturers and staff of the DTU Polytechnic

The DTU Polytechnic students are able to choose various courses to study for certificates in careers as Tour Guides, Housekeepers, Accountants, in Advertising and so on. Lecturers have Master’s degrees or higher and have been taught to adopt project-based training methods, to help students prepare themselves for their future careers.
Up to now, the DTU Polytechnic has already graduated 483 Associate Bachelors of Hotel Management, IT Software Applications and Corporate Accounting.
Due to its significant educational achievements, the DTU Polytechnic was awarded Certificates of Merit by the Danang People’s Committee and the Danang Department of Labor-Invalids & Social Affairs in 2014-2015. 
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  • Year of founding: 2011

    Address: Room 302, DTU Polytechnic, 137 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3654.273

    Website: http://ksth.duytan.edu.vn

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