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Fulfil your dream of becoming a Pharmacist

DTU has always worked hard to graduate highly-qualified Pharmacists. Applicants can enroll at DTU through the transcript-based admission method, at http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
L? trình 'hi?n th?c hóa' u?c mo tr? thành du?c si
Alternative ways of enrolling in the university-level Pharmacology program 
In 2020, DTU offers enrollment for the university-level Pharmacology program based on a High School Transcript three-subject score of 24 points or more, or a 12th grade average score of 8.0 per subject. DTU ensures that the minimum HSGE score is in line with the one authorized by MoET.
DTU accepts applications for Pharmacology majors through: 
-   Direct admission. 
-   High school graduation examination results 
-   Grade 12 average scores, or early grade 11 and first term grade 12 results 
This makes it easier for Pharmacology applicants because DTU has set a minimum admissions score for students still in high school, to facilitate earlier application and registration.
Expanding international partnerships to improve the quality of education at DTU 
Over the past few years, DTU has partnered with large American medical schools to improve the standard of education and graduate highly-qualified medical professionals. They all share and study the latest advanced international curricula and invite foreign lecturers to Vietnam to teach at DTU. These institutions include the University of Illinois in Chicago, with the most extensive medical and pharmacology programs in the US, and the University of Pittsburgh, ranked fifth in the top 15 US universities in medical research. 
L? trình 'hi?n th?c hóa' u?c mo tr? thành du?c si
International collaboration enhances the quality of Pharmacology education at DTU
Pharmacy students learn about: 
- General subjects: Biology & Genetics, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry 
- Specialized subjects: Organization and Management in Pharmaceutical Legislation, Medicine, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Business Administration, Medicine Preparation, Traditional Medicine.
DTU adopted the advanced PBL and EBL (Evidence-Based Learning) teaching methods for Pharmacy education several years ago, which are both used in life and health sciences education worldwide. The learner-centered approach empowers students to conduct research and combine theory and practice. They learn more effectively, solve problems and proactively explore potential career paths. 
Practice in the DTU Pharmacy and health clinics 
DTU has been working hard to create an environment where students can intern and gain practical experience about healthcare, well-planned classrooms, equipped with latest modeling tools. The University has established a system of 18 modern Medicine and Pharmacology labs for research into physiology and immunology, embryology, medicine preparation, testing, chemistry and pharmacy practice and industrial pharmacy. They are the Biochemistry, Histology, Microbiology, Immune Physiology labs and the MedSim Center.
L? trình 'hi?n th?c hóa' u?c mo tr? thành du?c si
The DTU Pharmacy
DTU has meanwhile established the University Pharmacy, which meets GPP standards, and is used to train pharmacology interns, who gain invaluable practical experience.  
DTU also collaborates with 18 local hospitals and health centers, where students work with experienced medical staff and practice with patients. These include the Hue Central Hospital, the Danang Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the Military Hospital 17, Hospital 199 of the Ministry of Public Security, and others to provide students with practical internship experience.  
L? trình 'hi?n th?c hóa' u?c mo tr? thành du?c si
Students train at the DTU Pharmacy
In 2020, DTU awards many scholarship vouchers worth up to 2.9 million VND each to Pharmacy applicants. 
For more information about Pharmacy education at DTU, see: The Faculty of Pharmacy
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