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Quang Nam National Third Prize-Winner Admitted Directly by DTU

Vo Thi Minh Thanh, from the Le Thanh Tong Gifted High School in Quang Nam, was admitted directly to the DTU American Degree Program (ADP) in Tourism & Hospitality Management, in collaboration with Troy University. Minh Thanh is a top performer and came third in Geography in the 2020 National Excellent Student Competition.
Fire proves gold, adversity proves people
Minh Thanh grew up in a poor rural family in Duy Nghia, in the Duy Xuyen district of Quang Nam province. Minh Thanh’s father is unemployed due to poor health and her mother doesn’t have a steady income. So Thanh always reminds herself that she must overcome every challenge and study diligently, because she believes that education alleviates poverty.  
Võ Th? Minh Th?nh v?i u?c mo tr? thành hu?ng d?n viên du l?ch
Vo Thi Minh Thanh dreams of becoming a tour guide
“My mother is the breadwinner in our family, works in a restaurant and I love her so much. When I was admitted to DTU, I was offered a full scholarship. I was delighted and want to share this reward with my dear mother.”  
Minh Thanh always tries to stay healthy and frequently exercises to keep fit. She enjoys long-distance running and finished fifth in the 2017 Hoi An International Marathon and fourth in 2018. She particularly likes Geography and has won several awards: 
- Consolation prize in 2018 and a Silver medal in 2019 in the Excellent Student Competition in the Coastal Region and Northern Delta area
- Second prize in Geography in the Provincial Excellent Student Competition in 2018 and 2019
- Third prize in Geography at the National Excellent Student Competition in 2020
Minh Thanh shared some secrets about winning Geography prizes. “At the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted, I always paid careful attention to my teachers and gained a foundation of knowledge for the long-term. Studying Geography requires strong memorization skills, so I usually organize my information into logical categories, using an atlas. I also practice drawing charts, do exercises and ask my teachers for help.”  
Minh Thanh dreams of becoming a tour guide
Minh Thanh responded enthusiastically when asked about her dream of becoming tour guide. She said: “Travelling is my favorite hobby, because I enjoy experiencing new cultures and am interested in taking the train across the country to view the stunning scenery. Being a tour guide satisfies this interest and my search for a steady income and my desire to promote Vietnam to foreign tourists. After researching information on DTU, I discovered that DTU is one of the leading universities in Hospitality & Tourism in the Central Region, so I decided to enroll in the ADP Tourism & Hospitality Management degree course”.
Minh Th?nh (th? 2 t? trái sang) ch?p ?nh cùng b?n bè t?i tru?ng c?p III
Minh Thanh (second from left) with her classmates 
With her impressive achievements, Thanh could have been admitted directly to universities nationwide. However, she said: “Like many other students, I want to study in a dynamic environment with an international program. Currently, it is impossible for me to study abroad, due to Covid-19 and financial difficulties, so I chose DTU to pursue my career aspirations. I hope that my English will improve studying with foreign lecturers and am looking forward to graduating at Troy University in my final year.”
For further information about the DTU major in Tourism and Hotel Management, see: The Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education & Research, ADP 
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