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Two Friends with Provincial Science & Technology Contest Second Prizes Directly Admitted to DTU

Two female classmates and best school friends, Vu Hoang Phuong Thuy and Nguyen Mai Huong, from Luong Ngoc Quyen Senior High School in Thai Nguyen province both won both second prizes in Medicine, Biology and Heath Sciences in the 2019 provincial Science & Technology contest. Then they enrolled in the DTU General Practitioner major to realize their dreams of curing diseases and saving lives.
Ðôi b?n giành gi?i nhì c?p t?nh tuy?n th?ng vào Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Phuong Thuy (left) and Mai Huong are inseparable
Best friends growing together
Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong’s friends admire them for their strong friendship, competiveness and mutual support. “We have studied together since 10th grade, we’re quite compatible, enjoy group activities and love animals, which have helped us grow closer over time,” said Mai Huong. However, Phuong Thuy is Vice-class-president, with a mild, quiet personality but Mai Huong is a livelier and more outgoing Class secretary.
“We exchange ideas and solve problems together,” explained Phuong Thuy. “We both have our strengths and complement each other. While I’m better in Math, Mai Huong outdoes me in Chemistry. We’ve always stuck together and done our best to maintain excellent results over the last three years.”
In their last year of high school, Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong resolved to enter some skilled-student contests, as they both planned to major in Science. After much practice, Mai Huong won a third prize in Chemistry in the provincial contest, while Phuong Thuy was awarded a Consolation prize in Civic Education.
In 12th grade, they both worked on a research project in preparation for the provincial Science & Technology Contest in Medicine, Biology, and Heath Sciences, entitled “Experimental application of fibrin glue in hemostasis and wound healing on animals. Under the guidance of doctors at Thai Nguyen Medical University, Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong took blood from rabbits, separated out the necessary coagulants and anti-coagulants to make glue and then smeared it on wounds on the rabbits’ ears, proving that fibrin glue can replace surgical stitching in minor cases.
Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong’s project to economically use human materials from patients’ bodies was highly topical and practical one. In recognition, the jury awarded Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong a second prize in the 2019 Thai Nguyen province Science & Technology Contest.
Both Dreaming of becoming Doctors of Medicine
It is noteworthy that Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong both come from medical families and have always shared the dream of continuing their family traditions and become Doctors to treat and cure the sick.
Ðôi b?n giành gi?i nhì c?p t?nh tuy?n th?ng vào Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
An admirable friendship between attractive friends
“Many more senior students studying General Practitioner or other majors told us that the DTU study environment and education programs were very high-quality. We also researched the internet and magazines for more information,” explained Mai Huong. “We discovered that the General Practitioner course is taught by skilled lecturers, focuses on specialized training and professional skills, and also enhances English language ability.  As a result, my family and I are confident of the choice we made for the DTU General Practitioner major.”
Phuong Thuy added: “Actually, at first, only Mai Huong signed up. After that we spoke to each other, exchanged ideas and I found out that DTU was the first private university in Vietnam to be accredited nationally and internationally, along with partnerships with several well-known foreign universities. The DTU General Practitioner major is so comprehensive that I finally decided to join Mai Huong and was extremely happy that our high school results earned us both direct admission.”
Phuong Thuy and Mai Huong will have to live in Danang, far from their families. They  are both fully committed, although the road to becoming Doctors of Medicine is still paved with many challenges. Going far from the protection of home and saying goodbye to their beloved hometown, the two friends will now have to take care of themselves, learn how to live alone, and mature even further. In spite of that they said: “In Danang, we’ll share a room, advice and our dreams together, continue to work hard and remain fully motivated to overcome everything!”
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