DTU Donates Equipment for Learning to Students Facing Financial Difficulties at Nguyen Hong Anh Secondary School

On January 4, DTU provided two sets of equipment for learning, worth 20 million VND each, to two students facing financial difficulties at Nguyen Hong Anh Secondary School in Danang City. This thoughtful gift aims to inspire and motivate these students to overcome obstacles and excel in their studies.  
Mr. Trinh Viet Duc, Secretary of the Hoa Chau Commune Youth Union, speaking at the event
Mr. Trinh Viet Duc, Secretary of the Hoa Chau Commune Youth Union, said: “The recipients of DTU’s gift today are students facing significant financial difficulties. Ngo Tan Tu is an orphan living with her two sisters, while Phung Thi Kim Ngan is motherless and her father works as a trash collector. For these students, owning complete learning equipment, like their friends, is a dream come true. DTU’s support has made their wishes a reality. The provided equipment will not only help them improve their studies but also serve as a source of motivation for them to strive for a better life.”
The gifts are presented by DTU representatives at Nguyen Hong Anh Secondary School
Each gift package includes a study desk & chair set, a computer, and a desk lamp. By giving essential learning tools to students in need, DTU conveys the message that love and sharing can light up dreams, faith, and hope. Let’s look forward together with a spirit of solidarity and willingness to assist the people in our community. Small actions can indeed make a significant difference. Give love and you will receive love in return.
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