Foreign Visitors Delighted by Danang's Beauty Through Photo Exhibition

Foreign tourists attending the exhibition at the expanded APEC Sculpture Garden in Hai Chau District, Danang City, are interested in photographs showcasing Danang’s landscapes and people.
Khách nu?c ngoài thích thú ng?m v? d?p Ðà N?ng qua ?nh
A Thai tourist expressed interest in purchasing photos on display. Photo: Tran Thi
In recent years, Danang has positioned itself as a dynamic tourist city hosting many international events. Danang attracts tourists with its breathtaking natural landscapes and extensive beaches.
On March 14, DTU held the 7th Go See Do Danang Photography Exhibition titled "Hidden Treasures". The organizing committee held the event with the aim that photographers would capture the profound beauty of the city through the lens, thereby revealing Danang City's hidden treasures to tourists.
Khách nu?c ngoài thích thú ng?m v? d?p Ðà N?ng qua ?nh
Khách nu?c ngoài thích thú ng?m v? d?p Ðà N?ng qua ?nh
Visitors express interest in purchasing Danang travel photos. Photo: Tran Thi
At the exhibition, Adil, a Thai visitor, expressed his desire to purchase photos to adorn his home.
“The photos of the sea, mountains, and smiling faces exhibited here have left an impression on me. I wish these photos were for sale. I would definitely buy them to decorate my home,” said Adil.
Moreover, many Korean tourist groups enjoyed posing for photos with the exhibited artworks. Some tourists excitedly take pictures of each of the photos.
Ms. Mina, a Korean tourist, said: “The locations in the photos are so beautiful. Regrettably, I have to leave Danang to return to my country tomorrow. I will take pictures of these photos to remember which beautiful locations in Danang I wish to visit when I return to Danang. ”
Le Huu Hung won second prize among professional photographers for his shot capturing a foreign tourist singing in the streets of Danang. Mr. Hung said that the exhibition this year showcased many beautiful photos of quality.
Mr. Hung said: “The photos of people and famous places reveal hidden treasures, significantly promoting tourism in Danang. Hopefully, tourism in Danang in particular and in Vietnam in general will be promoted more widely through these photos.”
Khách nu?c ngoài thích thú ng?m v? d?p Ðà N?ng qua ?nh
Photographer Le Huu Hung with his photo titled “Check-in Da Nang”, wins the second prize. Photo: Tran Thi
At the exhibition, prizes were awarded to 13 outstanding photos, and 70 photos about tourism in Danang were also displayed and shown to both domestic and international audiences.  
With the significant growth in tourism services in recent years, Danang has become a preferred destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Thus, promoting tourism through various ways, including artworks and photography, also plays a significant role in introducing Danang's natural beauty and people to tourists.
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