DTU Hands over 10 eCPR Machines to the Wellbeing Organization and Donates an eCPR to Tran Phu High School

DTU held the "Handover Ceremony of 10 eCPR Machines - Commercialization and Technology Transfer of Science and Technology" for the Wellbeing Health Education Organization on March 7. This event marks a significant step in applying technology to training and enhancing lifesaving skills in the field of first aid as well as applying and developing medical technology in Vietnam.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, speaks
The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Skill Support Machine - eCPR" is a technological product developed based on the results of the scientific research project "Lifesaving CPR Skill Training System" by the staff of the DTU Modeling and Simulation Center (CVS). The product utilizes IoT technology and virtual reality to reinforce and train first aid and CPR skills for all individuals, from the elderly to children. The product has been officially patented by the Intellectual Property Office with patent number 36376 under decision number 41591/QÐ-SHTT dated June 13, 2023, and has been put into operation in many units in the field of first aid and medical training.
The handover of 10 eCPR machines by DTU to the Wellbeing Health Education Organization
Speaking at the ceremony, DTU Provost Dr. Le Nguyen Bao said: "Starting from the initial idea when I saw a similar CPR product but not as advanced as eCPR of DTU at an airport, I proposed that idea to the university's research staff. At that time, I thought the proposal would only remain as an idea because successfully researching and manufacturing a CPR machine is not a simple matter. However, the staff of the CVS Center took that idea very seriously and contacted Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, Executive Director of the Wellbeing Health Education Organization, and then proceeded to research, study, and successfully manufacture the eCPR product as it is today, to support training and enhance lifesaving skills in the community. Thank you to all the units and leaders of the agencies who have enthusiastically supported DTU throughout the research and manufacturing process of the eCPR product. Hopefully, this product will be widely spread in the community through the support and collaboration of the Wellbeing Health Education Organization."
Operating the eCPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation assistive technology
The hardware system of the eCPR machine includes an independent CPR experimental booth, a plastic human model, electronic circuit boards, a PC, and a multitouch screen. Especially, the software of the machine uses 3D virtual reality simulation devices to create a realistic feeling when performing CPR. IoT sensors collect information and provide feedback to users, helping them improve each step in the first aid process. 
… and donateS an eCPR machine worth 150 million dong to Tran Phu High School
The eCPR machine is not only a training tool but also integrates physical exercise games for users to practice and receive feedback after each session. This helps users develop the necessary skills to handle emergency situations and improve awareness of personal health care.
Dr. Nguyen Van Cong emphasized: "Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure combining chest compressions and artificial ventilation (mouth-to-mouth) used to save the life of someone who has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped beating. According to the survey results of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest at 4 hospitals in Hanoi using the Utstein template in 2020, the mortality rate was 96.2%, with 64.9% of witnesses but only 8.7% of victims receiving CPR before being taken to the hospital. Therefore, it can be said that CPR is really important and should be performed as early as possible to maintain blood circulation and provide oxygen to the body, ensuring oxygen supply to the brain and vital organs until specialized treatment methods are available. However, the reality is that most people today lack knowledge and skills in first aid in general and CPR in particular. That's why the CPR Skill Support Machine - eCPR by DTU is truly a useful and necessary solution for everyone, every family."
With the combination of IoT technology, virtual reality, and instant feedback, the eCPR machine brings many benefits to users. It not only enhances lifesaving skills but also provides a safe and convenient environment for practice. At the same time, the eCPR machine reaches all demographics, from the elderly to children, helping everyone grasp and effectively train lifesaving skills.
As part of the event, DTU also donated an eCPR machine to Tran Phu High School, and the Wellbeing Health Education Organization also provided free accounts for 12th-grade students of Tran Phu High School to provide the best conditions for students to access and train lifesaving skills, while also raising awareness of community health.
The eCPR machine developed and successfully manufactured by DTU is an advanced technology in the field of first aid and CPR. The university has demonstrated commitment and innovation in the medical field by developing and producing advanced eCPR machines. The handover of 10 eCPR machines by DTU to the Wellbeing Health Education Organization is a breakthrough in promoting the development and application of technology in the healthcare industry.
The commercialization and technology transfer agreement for the Health Education Organization also shows that DTU is a reliable partner with effective technology transfer capabilities. Through this event, DTU not only brings advanced technology to the community on a wide scale but also creates conditions for other medical organizations to access and use this technology to improve healthcare quality and save lives. 
The cooperation between DTU and the Wellbeing Health Education Organization also demonstrates a shared vision and goal in improving community health. By combining expertise, technology, and resources, both parties have created an ideal environment for the development and application of advanced medical solutions.
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