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Twenty Billion VND Invested in DTU Automotive Engineering Technology Workshops

The Vietnamese automobile market is developing fast, with rapidly increasing demand and strong development of national car manufacturing companies.
Automotive Engineering Technology and related majors are now becoming the first choice of creative young people who love technology, are passionate about cars, and want to qualify for high-salary jobs in the future. 
In order to create the ideal conditions for its Automotive Engineering Technology students, DTU continues to invest in automotive practice workshops, at a cost of 20 billion VND, with the most modern automobile machinery and components available.
G?n 20 t? d?ng d?u tu xu?ng Công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô t?i ÐH Duy Tân
DTU students practice test-driving cars on campus
DTU’s Automotive Engineering Technology program focuses on modules, where students can practice: disassembly and assembly, inspection, maintenance, and the repair of many types of automobile engines; the use of diagnostic tools to find and fix faults in car engine or other car systems controlled by the ECU (black box); in-depth theoretical information combined with practice to learn about ABS braking systems; automatic transmissions; and automatic steering, on the latest gasoline or electric powered vehicles. Students will be well prepared to select appropriate jobs immediately on graduation. DTU has five automotive laboratories:
- Engine room
- Mechanics room
- Chassis room
- Electrical circuit room
- Modern technology room
G?n 20 t? d?ng d?u tu xu?ng Công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Equipment imported from Italy, Germany, South Korea and Japan
Training equipment includes:
- Fuel injection and electronic ignition engines, automatic transmissions, ABS brakes, and electronic suspension
- Diagnostic systems that warn of errors in common rail electronic fuel injection and hybrid engines
- Training simulators general electric systems and fuel injection and electronic ignition systems
Other types of automotive mechanical equipment:
- Zenith and G-scan engine fault diagnostic tools
- Engine power meter
- Brake test stand
- Strobe lights
- AC gas recharger
- Wheel angle gauge
- Exhaust gas analyzer
- Cars lifts
- MIG/MAG welders
- Beta car repair tool chest, with eight drawers
- Lacetti, Toyota Hiace, and electric cars
G?n 20 t? d?ng d?u tu xu?ng Công ngh? k? thu?t ô tô t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Equipment to support automotive students 
Training equipment, such as Toyota or Hyundai engines and gearboxes, is imported from Korea, professional Beta tools from Italy and mechanical testing equipment from Germany. The installation of the research and practical experimentation laboratories for electric and smart cars, worth 7 billion VND, is in progress and facilities will soon be available.
In each of the laboratories, lecturers will always be available to help their students. Many experienced staff  from Mitsubishi Danang; Thaco Truong Hai; Toyota; Tien Thu Automobile; and other local companies are invited to come to DTU to teach, improve practical training capabilities, and assure the students that they will one day become highly skilled engineers with flourishing careers.
Commenting on the importance and benefits of practice rooms, the DTU School of Engineering & Technology (SET) Provost, Associate Professor Ha Dac Binh said: “In DTU’s Automotive Engineering Technology curriculum, theoretical  and practice knowledge are deeply coupled, based on corporate requirements. 
The university practice rooms with their modern equipment enable students to immediately integrate into the company work environment, which saves businesses much retraining time and money. Major jobs are currently available in Vietnam, with factories such as Thaco, Vinfast, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Abroad there are opportunities for studies, internships or full-time work in Japan, Korea and elsewhere. Alternatively, graduates can start their own businesses in the fields of warranty, repair and maintenance of vehicles.”
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