Linking Program\Second Degree Program

The DTU Bachelor Degree Linking and Second Degree Programs

Besides  different majors and levels, from PhD programs, to Masters and Bachelor degree programs, to Vocational degrees, the e-learning program, DTU has offered a second Bachelor’s degree  and  Bachelor Degree Linking programs to broaden study opportunities for learners. Most students of linking program and second degree program already have full-time jobs, so the courses are relatively short in duration and students can study in the evenings, after work.

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Linking programs  
DTU offers two types of transfer programs: from Vocational High School to a Bachelor's degree, and from an Associate degree to a Bachelor's degree.
For the transfer programs from Vocational High School to Bachelor's degree, DTU offers courses in Accounting, Software Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, Nursing and Pharmacy.
For the transfer program from Associate degree to Bachelor's degree, besides the above majors, DTU offers courses in Business Administration, Finance & Banking, Tourism and Travel Management.
The linking program from a Vocational High School to a Bachelor’s degree takes from 2 to 3 years, Pharmacy from 3 to 4 years, whilst linking programs from Associate degree to Bachelor take from 1 to 2 years, from 2 to 3 in Pharmacy. 
DTU also offers advanced programs from several well-known international universities. Among these are Carnegie Mellon University, one of the four leading US universities in Information Technology, Pennsylvania State University, one of the top fifty universities in Hospitality and Management worldwide and the fifth largest American public university, California State University Fullerton and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, leading universities on the West Coast in Construction and Architecture, the University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the largest Medical and Pharmacy programs in the USA, Purdue University, in the top ten US universities in Engineering and the University of Pittsburgh, ranked fifth in medical research. 
Second Bachelor’s degree programs 
A second Bachelor’s degree can broaden career opportunities for certain students who already hold a degree. Due to increasing demand, DTU continues to enroll students into this special program and is expanding enrollment for students of Accounting and Auditing, Corporate Finance, Finance & Banking, General Business Administration, and Hospitality Management. 
Students share advanced curricula with Pennsylvania State University, one of the five top universities in Hospitality and Tourism, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance and Banking in the USA, using PBL (Problem-Based Learning/Project-Based Learning), a new international teaching method to improve education skills and practical professional experience. 
Up to now, DTU has already offered 12 Second Degree courses, enrolling 4,869 students and graduating 2,473 from 10 courses. Most graduates have found excellent careers, some holding important positions in government agencies, banks, travel agencies and luxury hotels & resorts nationwide.
Reasonable study time and tuition fees  
Students of Linking program and second degree program study to earn credits and can register for up to 19, with an annual tuition fee of 14.4 million vnd, but they only pay for 16. DTU is introducing a preferential admission policy to encourage special students. 
For example, a preferential point is added for applicants of certain majors and a tuition reduction is given to those whose parents are injured or sick war veterans, with low-cost dormitories renting for 80,000 to 100,000 vnd per month. 


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