DTU Staff Trained in UAV Manufacturing in South Korea

Six researchers from the DTU Electronics-Electrical Center (CEE) participated in a training session at the UAV Training Center of Chodang University, South Korea, from November 13, 2023, to February 6, 2024. Immediately after completing the training session, the CEE staff successfully designed and manufactured a drone model, named DTU-Falcon-1, to serve teaching and research activities at DTU. This marks the beginning of further development cooperation between DTU and Chodang University to share and develop advanced educational models. 
Cán b? ÐH Duy Tân t?p hu?n ch? t?o máy bay không ngu?i lái t?i Hàn Qu?c
CEE staff experienced testing and controlling VTOL fixed-wing UAVs at Chodang University
At Chodang University, CEE staff from DTU participated in several important training courses, including:
- Basic theoretical training on unmanned aerial vehicles: Introduction to UAVs, basic knowledge of aerodynamics, and control module usage for UAVs;
- Training in designing VTOL fixed-wing UAVs using Catia V5 software:
- Introduction to basic knowledge of Catia V5 software,
- Training in using design modules in Catia software (part design, assembly design, drafting),
- Training in exporting files from Catia V5, using 3D printers (ABS plastic materials), CNC machines (plywood, carbon materials);
- Practical training in UAV VTOL manufacturing:
- Practical experience in manufacturing UAV shells using composite materials,
- Introduction to materials, techniques, and methods for processing UAV shell frames;
- Assembly and installation training for UAV control: Introduction to the UAV assembly process after completion and guidance on UAV control installation;
- Simulation flight training in the lab and actual flight: Training in UAV control knowledge using RealFlight 8 software and testing UAVs at the UAV Training Center.
Cán b? ÐH Duy Tân t?p hu?n ch? t?o máy bay không ngu?i lái t?i Hàn Qu?c
DTU staff received training certificates (pictured above) 
and met with Professor Park Jong Koo - President of Chodang University (5th from right)
After completing the training course, CEE research staff received two important certificates in UAV Design Type 1 and UAV Manufacturing Type 1. Upon returning to DTU, CEE staff also successfully designed and manufactured a drone model to serve teaching and research at DTU. This drone model is a VTOL fixed-wing UAV (Vertical Take-off and Landing Fixed Wing, a combination of fixed-wing UAV and multi-rotor UAVs). The drone model is based on the F250 V-tail design and is named DTU-Falcon-1. The model is made of composite materials with dimensions of 2550x1500x533mm and weighs approximately 10kg.
Cán b? ÐH Duy Tân t?p hu?n ch? t?o máy bay không ngu?i lái t?i Hàn Qu?c
CEE staff successfully designed and manufactured the DTU-Falcon-1 (VTOL fixed-wing UAV model)
 to serve teaching and research at DTU
In addition to participating in specialized training courses, CEE staff also had the opportunity to experience flying on a Diamond DA40 light aircraft, as well as interact with Chodang University faculty and students, participate in activities such as Korean tea tasting, Taekwondo experiences, and explore other unique aspects of Korean culture. Returning from Chodang University, Mr. Nguyen Ngo Anh Quan, one of the six CEE staff members, said, "At the CEE Center, we are also very interested in UAVs but have only focused on researching multi-rotor UAVs like drones. Therefore, this VTOL design training course is really meaningful for us individually and for the center as a whole. With compact design and unique features, unmanned aerial vehicles like UAVs, drones, or multi-rotor UAVs are being used in various fields, providing certain benefits such as terrain surveys, support for rescue operations, filming, and photography. Therefore, through this training course, we have gained a lot of new knowledge about the process of designing and manufacturing new types of UAVs, while also enhancing practical skills.”
Cán b? ÐH Duy Tân t?p hu?n ch? t?o máy bay không ngu?i lái t?i Hàn Qu?c
The learning, designing, and manufacturing process of UAVs, simulation flight training at Chodang University
“This UAV-related knowledge is still relatively new in Vietnam, so this is also a motivation for us to use the knowledge and skills we have accumulated to continue expanding research directions with the desire to design and manufacture various types of unmanned aerial vehicles to serve teaching and research at the university and to commercialize them to meet various needs in different fields of modern life."
This training session has brought many benefits to the DTU CEE Center and strengthened the cooperative relationship between the university and Chodang University, one of the top three universities in aviation training in South Korea. CEE research staff have been equipped with new knowledge and skills in UAV design, manufacturing, and control, while the successfully manufactured drone model will greatly contribute to teaching and research activities at DTU. This is an important step forward in the UAV field as well as the international cooperation of the university.
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