General Nursing

General Nursing



According to experts in the field of Medicine, General Nursing is experiencing a severe lack of human resources while the demand for health care is rapidly increasing. As a result, graduates are likely to find good jobs at many medical centers, national and worldwide. Enrolling in General Nursing, students will learn and enhance the skills of health care, medical check, prescription and doing professional work from first treatment to the rehabilitation of patients.

Today, Nurses are considered to be an independent job in the medical system, supporting doctors, pharmacists, technicians and others to provide people with various health care services.


Duration: 4 years


Working skills


- Work under the law, state policies and professional ethics; master nursing procedures when caring for patients.

- Ensure the full and stable quality of health care and safety; ensure a safe care environment; potentially take controlled risks; use drugs safely as directed by a doctor.

- Consult and educate patients and community on health; propose appropriate treatment measures in coordination with other health workers to treat and improve patients’ health.

- Do scientific research at training organizations.


Career prospects


Graduates are able to work as:


- Nurses in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, healthcare facilities.

- Chief nurses who manage, care and help formulate policies related to treatment.

- Lecturers who directly teach and study at medical and educational centers about Health Sciences and Nursing.

- Health workers who work independently or partner with others at hospitals, nursing schools, medical centers, local clinics and legal private medical facilities.

Academic Programs


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