College Of Medicine and Pharmacy

The School of Medicine & Pharmacy

The School of Medicine & Pharmacy is one of DTU’s five new schools and offers Master of Science degrees in Nursing and Pharmacology Management.Over the past 12 years, the School of Medicine & Pharmacy has enrolled 9,000 students and graduated 4,000, including the majors in General Practitioner and Odontoid-Stomatology, for 6 and 4 years respectively. 


The leaders and staff of the DTU School of Medicine & Pharmacy


The Schoolof Medicine & Pharmacy comprises three faculties, Nursing, Pharmacy and Medicine; three centers, an administrative office and one General Clinic project, staffed by Professors, Associate Professors, PhDs, pre-graduate and post-graduate specialists. Many have experience working in pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. TheUniversity partners with 18 local hospitals to enable students to experience a wide range of clinical situations. These include the Danang Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the Military Hospital 17, the Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children, the Ministry of Public Security Hospital 199, the Quang Nam Hospital and the Hue Central Hospital.


The mission of the School of Medicine & Pharmacy is to educate healthcare professionals, continuously improve education quality, engage in applied research projects and develop practical products for use in Danang and Central Vietnam.

The School of Medicine & Pharmacy will continue working on the development of DTU and education in Vietnam in general, with the objective of becoming a leading private health-science university in Vietnam and Asia.

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