An Introduction to the Graduate School

The first private University to offer Doctoral programs


As the first and largest private university in Central Vietnam, DTU is constantly adding value to the execution of its mission to graduate highly professional resources to meet the socio-economic needs of Vietnam. After success in college-level education, DTU is now developing five Master's degree programs in Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science¸ Civil Engineering and  Finance & Banking; and three Doctoral programs in Computer Science, Business Administration and Accounting. DTU is the first private university to be authorized to offer Doctoral programs

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Lecturers and staff of the DTU Graduate School


With the motto “Earnestness, Modernity and Integration”, DTU is implementing shared international-standard programs with some top American universities, in modern facilities with reputable lecturers educated at home and abroad. Partners include Carnegie Mellon University, Seattle Pacific University, Penn State University, California State University, Singapore Polytechnic and Seattle University.


The Graduate School


The DTU Graduate School was established in May 2009 to advise the Board on planning and building regulations and guidelines for implementing graduate studies. It is responsible for developing and implementing the organization and the management of the postgraduate programs.


Currently there are 6 permanent managers and 42 faculty in Graduate School. All the lecturers have Doctorates and Associate Professorships, many of whom recently graduated with doctoral degrees in the USA, Germany, Canada and Japan.


Focal point of the education quality and the differences:


- The quality of education at DTU is focused on many factors but the curricula and teaching staff are the most prominent. The Master's program in Computer Science is based on the CMU program and those in Business Administration and Accounting are developed from the original programs of CMU, PSU and Seattle University. Four to five courses are taught by American professors who provide the latest international information and students are then certified by the partner universities. The other courses are taught DTU lecturers and visiting lecturers from the Financial Institute, the Polytechnic University of Hanoi, Hanoi National University, the HCMC University of Natural Science, Danang University and Hue University. Student will study for 9 credits in English, 3 more compared to other universities.


- Students participate in fact-finding field trips to businesses and in extra-curricular charitable or tourism activities. The new "Study Tour" module has recently attracted great interest. All students will meet and work with graduate students from the USA. Recently, DTU has organized study and cultural tours to Asian countries to broaden their knowledge and practical experience.


- Flexible tuition times are also considered as a DTU strength. Study scheduled in the evenings and on weekends is beneficial, especially for students who live in Danang.  The individual modules are normally completed in one year, and students defend their theses on completion of their second year.


- The Vista Electronic Library system links students to research data worldwide.


Numbers: the admission courses, the graduate courses.


- Sixteen courses have been held so far with 2,000 students.

- Eleven graduate courses of 600 Masters of Business Administration, Computer Science and Accounting.

- Most students come from Danang and the Central and Highland provinces, and the majority are college lecturers, professionals or business managers.




- Twice a year, in June and November.

- Time of admission: in July and December 


  • Admissions and Education: Enrolled 2,000 postgraduate students in 16 courses and 35 research students in 5 courses, graduated 700 Masters of Business Administration, Computer Science, Civil Engineering and Accountancy in 12 courses.

  • Year of founding: 2009

  • Address: Room 101, 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3650.403 (ext 104) - 0236.3650.403 (114) - 0236.3652.608



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