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Accounting, auditing and taxation play a vital role in the activities and development of all companies. With more and more being established or relocated to the ASEAN region, particularly to Vietnam, new career opportunities have evolved for young people with an interest in Accounting & Auditing, Corporate Accounting, State Accounting and Tax & Taxation Accounting. DTU has become a very popular choice for an education in these majors.
An International-standard Accounting and Auditing education
Efficient accounting systems are vital in any business. Accountants are responsible for collecting, processing and providing information about asset creation sources and transfers, in addition to advising companies on integrating their finances and business strategies. Auditors have special responsibilities to verify the accuracy of corporate data and advise companies on ways of balancing revenue and expenditure. They also participate in business development and support businesses in expanding or narrowing down their activities in specific areas, in order to become as effective and profitable as possible.
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DTU signed agreements with many universities and businesses to support Accounting students with training and internships
As the demand for highly-qualified Accountants and Auditors is steadily increasing, students in the ASEAN region choose these majors to train for highly-paid future careers. DTU currently offers the following majors in Accounting:
- Corporate and Management Accounting
- Accounting & Auditing
- State Accounting
DTU collaborates with internationally recognized universities in Accounting to enhance education, including:
- Pennsylvania State University (PSU), one of the leading universities in Economics and Business Administration in the US
- Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) in Australia.
DTU Accounting and Auditing students take part in specialized training courses, attend conferences, workshops and talk shows with expert CPAs and CFOs to gain practical experience. They intern at local companies, such as the Danang Port, Danang Rubber, Agribank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Vietcombank and large auditing companies in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands, such as AAC, AISC, ATAX, AVN and TDK, and awarded PSU Certificates of Completion on graduation.
These relationships with local businesses have contributed to the increasing academic strength of DTU Accounting and Auditing graduates, who are now much sought after by recruiters, with 95% finding jobs immediately, in the following positions:
- Accounting Managers
- Corporate Financial Planners
- Financial Analysts and Investment Consultants
- Internal Auditors
- International Auditors
- Executives
- Statisticians
- General Accounts
- Financial Planners
- Taxation Experts
- Budget Planners
- Staff in local government, vocational schools, state agencies, NGOs and consultants
Taxation & Tax Consulting: The first specialized program in Central Vietnam and Central Highlands
As incomes are gradually increasing in Vietnam, the ability to enjoy the extra benefits is accompanied by the duty to pay more tax. Most individuals, households and enterprises now need to hire tax consultants for registration, documentation collection and filing. The number of DTU applicants who need an in-depth education in Taxation has been increasing for many years, because of the many excellent jobs available on graduation.
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Informative meetings for DTU Accounting students
The strategy to educate tax agents calls for 8,000  to be employed between 2016 and 2020, covering 10% of business, with 70,000 companies taking advantage of their services. There are, however, only 600 at the moment. In the Vietnam government, taxation experts currently play a major role in tax enforcement and revenue generation. Vietnam’s tax and tax consultancy sector is currently growing stronger and maturing in both scale and organizational structure. This is why demand for skilled, efficient and dynamic consultants is more apparent than ever.
DTU’s in-depth Tax & Taxation Consultancy major is the first of its type in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands. Graduates become professional tax consultants, giving specific advice in each situation, fulfilling tax obligations and developing compliant, long-term financial policies to optimize client profitability. DTU Tax & Tax Consultancy graduates can work as financial, accounting and auditing staff, lecturers or independent consultants.
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