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DTU General Practitioner and Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology offer Clinical Internship Opportunities with Patients

In partnership with numerous international partners to establish a high-quality training program for the Health Sciences sector, DTU has achieved significant accomplishments in education and research.
Among these, DTU Health Sciences has been ranked in Top 70+ globally. Benefiting from the school's achievements, DTU students of General Medicine and Dentistry have had the opportunity to study and practice with many modern facilities at the school, intern at various large hospitals, and directly provide dental care to people in many regions of the country.
DTU Health Science program is ranked Top 70+ with a distinctive training program
Prestigious global rankings place DTU Health Sciences in a very high position, specifically:
- Ranked in Top 76-100 worldwide according to Shanghai Ranking in 2023,
- Ranked in Top 401-450 globally according to QS World Rankings by Subjects 2023,
- Ranked in Top 401-500 worldwide according to World University Rankings by subject (THE) 2024.
Ngành Bác si Ða khoa, Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t ? DTU v?i Co h?i Th?c t?p Lâm sàng v?i Ngu?i b?nh
Besides Hanoi Medical University, DTU is one of the two universities in Vietnam ranked in the top 76-100 in the world.
This provides candidates with more confidence when choosing DTU to pursue a degree in the Medicine-Pharmacy in the 2024 admissions season. DTU offers the following programs:
- Medicine: specializing in General Practitioner, and
- Odonto- Stomatology: specializing in Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology 
The training programs are developed through sustainable cooperation with several major medical schools in the US, such as:
- University of Pittsburgh (UPitt): ranked 7th among the Top 15 US medical research universities (according to the National Institutes of Health - NIH),
- University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC): with the largest scale Medicine-Pharmacy training programs in the US (in terms of student numbers and majors),
- Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore),
- Ben Gurion University (Israel),
- Burapha University, Khon Kaen University, and Mahidol University (Thailand),
- Dong-A University (South Korea)
Many modern facilities meet all requirements for teaching and practice
The DTU Building F at the 120 Hoang Minh Thao campus is fully invested with a system of modern equipment to maximize the teaching and practical activities for the General Medicine and Dentistry programs, specifically:
- Medical students learn with 19 situational practice rooms, 7 control rooms, 2 "debriefing" rooms with an investment value of over 3 million US dollars, specially planned within the F Building to ensure all aspects of a medical examination/treatment are simulated as realistically as possible. Students will practice on patient models with "the Sim siblings": SimMan 3G, SimMan Essential, SimBaby, and more than 300 anatomical models, practice simulations, examinations, etc.
- Dentistry students learn with a full system of dental chairs installed, each equipped with electrical, water, air systems, and dental drill sets, a lab for mold making/dyeing wax and 20 sets of dental practice simulations to hone their skills.
Ngành Bác si Ða khoa, Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t ? DTU v?i Co h?i Th?c t?p Lâm sàng v?i Ngu?i b?nh
Every piece of modern equipment significantly supports the training and research activities at DTU
In addition to spending many hours on practice at DTU, the students have been instructed by doctors at major hospitals to quickly acquire solid skills, such as at:
- Hue Central Hospital,
- Da Nang Hospital,
- Da Nang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital,
- Military Hospital 17,
- Da Nang Oncology Hospital,
- Da Nang Dermatology Hospital,
- Da Nang Lung Hospital,
- Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital.
Many medical products developed in DTU's research labs have won major awards and commercialized
In every field of study, DTU has established modern and systematic laboratories and practice rooms to create the best conditions for students to learn and research. The medical products developed by DTU faculty and students have won numerous major awards. They have been applied in teaching and practice, and have been commercialized to continue serving the community.
Ngành Bác si Ða khoa, Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t ? DTU v?i Co h?i Th?c t?p Lâm sàng v?i Ngu?i b?nh
The products that have been developed, commercialized, and introduced into experimental teaching 
The products that have been developed, commercialized, and introduced into experimental teaching, include:
- A 3D Human Anatomy application in Medicine: winning the First Prize at the Vietnam Talent Award in 2017, the Sao Khue title in 2018, and the Silver prize at the ASEAN ICT Awards 2018;
- The eCPR product: a device supporting cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills winning the Sao Khue title in 2020, has been patented and commercialized;
- The dtu-VENT ventilator: with all functions of a professional medical ventilator, meeting the emergency parameters and treatment of COVID-19 patients;
- The AED-302 Trainer: training in defibrillation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills, and has been commercialized in partnership with Wellbeing Services Joint Stock Company;
- The Flexi Legs Active Prosthesis: winning runner-up prize in the Accessibility Design Competition (ADC), has registered its own patent;
- The Online Medical Ecosystem: winning the First Prize at the Youth Innovation 2021, the Most Influential Award at the Sao Kim 2021, the First Prize at the Social Innovation Challenge VSIC 2021, a Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam Youth Federation, the Engaged Scholar 2021 Award from VNES - Vietnam Scholar Network, and more;
- The DTU SimSkin Wound Suturing Model: winning the Second Prize at the SMILE CODE Scientific Research Competition and is currently being introduced into experimental teaching in the suturing practice courses of the Medicine and Dentistry Faculties at the DTU College of Medicine and Pharmacy (CMP).
Volunteer activities
DTU faculty and students of Odonto- Stomatology carry the proactive spirit of youth and a sense of community responsibility. They have held many trips to remote areas to provide free dental care. From the Hope Village (in Da Nang) to Ca Dy Kindergarten and Ta Bhing - Ta Poo Inter-village Kindergarten, Xa Ba Elementary School (in Dong Giang, Quang Nam), and the BhaLêê commune in Quang Nam, staff, faculty, their families, and DTU  students have all received free dental examinations and treatments.
Ngành Bác si Ða khoa, Bác si Rang-Hàm-M?t ? DTU v?i Co h?i Th?c t?p Lâm sàng v?i Ngu?i b?nh
Numerous volunteer activities have been carried out to raise awareness about community health and bring joy to everyone.
DTU has carried out: 
- Dental health examinations and consultations for 2,299 individuals,
- Filling of 1,245 cavities,
- Scaling for 929 patients,
- Application of SDF to 2,365 decayed baby teeth in children,
- Extraction of 172 teeth,
- Distribution of 2,314 gifts including toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand soap, rice, blankets, and clothing to families.
The joy in learning and participating in volunteer and charity work has brought fresh inspiration to Health Sciences faculty and students so that they would continue to strive in training skilled doctors and always having a heart towards the community, bringing peace of mind and trust to candidates choosing DTU for their Medicine-Pharmacy degrees this year.
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