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Along with effective training in the medical fields of General Practitioner and Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology, DTU continues to expand enrollment in its Pharmacy and Biotechnology programs, offering many reliable options for candidates in the 2024 recruitment season. In particular, the DTU Health Science has reached the Top 70+ globally according to the 2023 Shanghai Ranking, and provides numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship and international publication with Q1 journal articles.
International collaborations to enhance the quality of educational programs
With a significant focus on Health Science education, DTU has partnered with several prominent U.S. medical and pharmaceutical schools, as well as various domestic and international organizations, to develop highly standardized training programs. 
Ngành Du?c si và Công ngh? sinh h?c ? DTU
DTU has signed agreements with various universities and businesses to enhance the quality of education.
The partnerships include:
- University of Pittsburgh (UPitt): ranked 7th among the top 15 U.S. universities for medical research (according to the National Institutes of Health - NIH rankings),
- University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC): the largest medical and pharmaceutical training program in the U.S. in terms of student numbers and fields of study,
- Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore),
- Ben-Gurion University (Israel),
- Burapha University,
- Khon Kaen University, and Mahidol University (Thailand),
- Dong-A University (South Korea),
- Hue University,
- FPT Long Chau Pharmaceutical Corporation…
Students enrolled in Pharmacy and Biotechnology will gain advanced and up-to-date knowledge, supported by a modern laboratory system that DTU has developed over the years for its students and faculty in these fields.
DTU Building C, Fully - Equipped for Teaching and Learning
DTU has dedicated Building C to modern labs that serve both teaching and research purposes. It's rare for universities to invest so heavily in facilities that support education to the extent seen at DTU. 
Specifically for the Pharmacy program, from their first year, students practice in foundational laboratories to master professional knowledge. As they progress to their majors, students gain confidence with in-depth knowledge of pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical industry, medicinal herbs, traditional medicine, and quality control, all taught in over 10 advanced laboratories.
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Modern Facilities for Pharmacy at DTU Supporting both Education and Research
Students manipulate equipment mostly imported from abroad, which only pharmacy students with a certain level of foundational knowledge can use, including: rotary tablet presses, capsule filling machines, a multipurpose pharmaceutical compounding system (used for making tablets, ointments, etc.), film coating machines, dissolution testing equipment, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, essential oil distillation systems, and rotary vacuum evaporators.
The campus also features a Medicinal Herb Garden established according to the Essential Medicinal Plants List issued by the Minister of Health. The garden preserves and propagates valuable medicinal plants for research and pharmaceutical production, aiming to transfer high-quality research results to pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities, including traditional medicine establishments in Da Nang, Quang Nam, and others.
DTU Pharmacy students get practical experience in simulated pharmacies under the guidance of the university’s specialized pharmacists. They are trained in consultation techniques, medication instructions, drug categorization, inventory management, clinical case drug analysis, pharmacy management, and staying updated on pharmacological knowledge.
For students studying Biotechnology at DTU, they are given access to even more advanced machinery and equipment, supporting the research activities of the university's specialized research centers and institutes. DTU prioritizes, encourages, and facilitates Biotechnology students to study and conduct research within its system of research centers, including:
- The Center for Molecular Biology,
- The Center for Entomology and Parasitology,
- The Center for Advanced Chemistry,
- The Cell Technology Lab.
In this environment, students are provided with specialized knowledge in both theory and practice. They are trained in skills and gain hands-on experience through various practical courses in laboratories, fieldwork, and industrial internships. Students have the opportunity to engage with factories, production facilities, research institutes, and universities directly related to their specialized knowledge in Biotechnology. This comprehensive approach ensures that they are well-prepared for professional challenges in their field.
Outstanding Q1 journal articles from the classroom 
The dynamic and creative learning environment at DTU has become a foundation for Pharmacy and Biotechnology students to make their mark in various fields. This environment has facilitated the production of outstanding Q1 journal articles from the classroom and numerous significant awards.
Ngành Du?c si và Công ngh? sinh h?c ? DTU
Gia Thi's article in the journal Scientific Reports, which is part of the Nature Portfolio and boasts an impact factor
of 4.6, along with winning the "Outstanding Poster Report" award at the 5th National Mycology Conference 
Le Nguyen Gia Thi and their fellow Biotechnology research group members at DTU successfully completed the project titled "Application of ITS molecular markers in identifying pathogenic fungi in Cordyceps militaris." Their findings were published in a Q1 journal with an impact factor of 4.6, the internationally renowned Scientific Reports, which is part of the Nature Portfolio. This research was also awarded the "Outstanding Poster Report" at the 5th National Mycology Conference held in Hanoi on November 26, 2023. 
Ngành Du?c si và Công ngh? sinh h?c ? DTU
Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung from the DTU Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 
Not only Gia Thi but all students pursuing Biotechnology at DTU enjoy highly favorable conditions for learning and scientific research in the university’s state-of-the-art laboratories. They have opportunities to attend professional conferences and seminars both domestically and internationally, where they can network, learn, and collaborate with research groups in related fields. Additionally, students are directly taught and mentored by experienced lecturers who have graduated from prestigious universities worldwide. A notable example is Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, who mentored Gia Thi and is also the creator of the "Home-scale Cordyceps Cultivation Cabinet," which won first place in the 2022 Da Nang City Innovative Start-up Competition.
In the field of Pharmacy, with the project "Research on Encapsulating Baeckea frutescens L. Essential Oil using Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast Cells for Controlling Dengue Fever Mosquito Larvae," student Vo Van Hoa was awarded second place at the 2023 Ministry-level Student Scientific Research Awards. This recognition underscores the university's commitment to fostering significant scientific contributions and practical solutions to real-world problems.
Quá trình nghiên c?u d? tài c?a Võ Van Hòa th?c hi?n thu?n l?i t?i Trung tâm Hóa h?c Tiên ti?n (CACE) c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Vo Van Hoa was awarded second place at the 2023 Ministry-level Student Scientific Research Awards
Vo Van Hoa’s successful formulation of a biological product encapsulating Baeckea frutescens L. essential oil in yeast microcapsules has demonstrated effectiveness in controlling mosquito larvae in small field conditions, including natural breeding sites in sewage systems and water storage areas.
This achievement gained by DTU students of Pharmacy and Biotechnology serves as a continuous source of inspiration for both teachers and students to further strive and inspire others in their studies and scientific research. It also boosts confidence among prospective students considering DTU for their educational journey in the upcoming admissions season.
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