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Nursing: What do you learn? What are your career opportunities?

As living standards improve, the demand for health care workers has risen. It has been necessary to build new medical facilities, despite the fact that there is still a major deficit of qualified nurses. Nevertheless, at the same time, this presents a good opportunity for high school graduates to choose an education in Nursing, with excellent career prospects. However, students must first research to ensure that they are making a choice that matches their personal abilities.


So, what does a Nursing student learn, and which skills are required to enter the nursing profession?


Nursing is the major which educates the future healthcare workforce. Nurses are trained to assist doctors, pharmacists, technicians and other medical staff to provide health care according to the needs of the community.


Some important tasks are monitoring, caring for and assessing patient health, helping doctors perform examinations, carrying out doctors’ orders, teaching patients how to look after themselves and so on.


Nursing Skills


In order to qualify, students will be trained in the following skills:


- Love for your work and medical ethics: These are key elements for future nurses and important elements for long-term work commitment.

- Carefulness and high responsibility: Being careful is vital, even a small error can lead to disastrous consequences.


- Patience and stress resistance: Pain can have a serious impact on patients, inducing them to say and do unpleasant things. Nurses are required to work at nights and are often unable to take holidays, so free time may be limited. So nurses need much patience to overcome the challenges of their work.


- Being able to learn and broaden knowledge: Nurses should continue learning and improving their skills to be better able to follow patient conditions and react promptly.

- Know how to communicate with patients: Patients must adhere to their prescribed treatment regimen, requiring thoughtfulness and enthusiasm as well as encouragement from their nurses.


The rewards are of course on a par with the stringent requirements:


  • Easy to find work, as society is facing a severe shortage of nurses, who will be in demand for a long time to come.
  • Proportional remuneration.
  • Stable and long-term careers.

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Students of the DTU Faculty of Nursing training in a special lab


Where to study Nursing


Nursing requires care and a general knowledge of medicine to deal with all possible situations. Nursing students are required to keep updated on the latest technical equipment to offer better care. Nursing students should regularly receive practical training at medical centers and hospitals to gain experience and develop new skills in preparation for future careers. A suitable university should be selected with an advanced educational environment and programs, to offer the best opportunities to experience the practical side of their future work.


Nursing enrollment in 2018


- 2018 enrollment criteria for Nursing at DTU


DTU enrolls students from all over the country according to the following formats:

+ Direct enrollment based on Ministry of Education and Training regulations

+ Based on High Graduation Examination results

+ Based on 12th grade high school transcript (annual average)

Note: Applicants can register for high school transcript consideration through the website


Subjects for admission:




Field code


Major code

Applicants choose one from four subject groups for consideration

Based on High Graduation Examination results

Based on high school transcript


General Nursing



1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Natural Sciences, Literature

3. Maths, Chemistry, Biology

4. Maths, Biology, Literature

1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Chemistry, Biology

3. Maths, Biology, Literature

4. Literature, Maths, Chemistry


For more information please contact

DTU Enrollment Center

254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang

Hotlines: 1900 2252 – 0905 294 390 – 0905 294 391



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