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The Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology Major

The DTU Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology educates talented and physicians to acquire the comprehensive knowledge and professional skills to diagnose and cure dental and other oral problems.


It is a demanding major, offering excellent career opportunities, in a time when dental and oral diseases are increasing in all age groups and parts of the world. These days, as people become more concerned about their looks, oral and dental esthetics are becoming much more important, such as regular, white teeth for example, so more students will now be majoring in Odonto-Stomatology.


What do you learn?


The new DTU Odonto-Stomatology program was recently approved by the Education and Training and the Health ministries, and lecturers hold PhD or Master’s degrees or are medical practitioners. The course provides a basic to advanced foundation in medicine, especially Odonto-Stomatology. The course will teach:


- The structure and process of human mastication physiology.

- Disease prevention, treatment and Odonto-Stomatology research.

- Diagnosis and treatment of common odonto-stomatologic diseases, like tooth decay, periodontitis, and dental infections.

- Treatment of odonto-stomatologic emergencies, such as bleeding after tooth extraction, dental pulpitis and jaw fractures.

- The combined use of traditional and modern medicine to prevent and treat odonto-stomatologic issues.

Một giờ học của sinh viên tại phòng thực hành hiện đại của ĐH Duy Tân

Studying in DTU’s state-of-the-art practice labs


Odonto-Stomatology students work in specialized laboratories, using the “3D Virtual Reality Imaging Technology Application Simulating the Human Body for Healthcare Study and Research” application. This system was developed by the DTU Center of Visualization & Simulation (CVS) and won an Excellence Award at the 2016 Young Intellectual Contest for Education, first prize in IT at the 2017 Vietnamese Talent contest and a Sao Khue software excellence award in 2018. It allows medical students, especially Odonto-Stomatology ones, to visualize the structure of the human head in order to quickly diagnose diseases at an early stage.

Ứng dụng công nghệ mô phỏng thực tại ảo 3D của Đại học Duy Tân

DTU’s 3D virtual reality simulation technology


Career opportunities


There is an urgent need for odonto-stomatologic doctors, guaranteeing excellent job opportunities and salaries at:


- Training centers and clinics.

- National and local hospitals.

- Private dental and oral health facilities.

Academic Programs


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